A virtual and home-visit based general and sexual health practice, UThingo Health, endeavours to be inclusive and thorough in its care.

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Dr. Thandokuhle Mngqibisa has a special interest in sexual medicine and trans continuing care. In addition to standard GP services, UThingo will also be providing sexual pleasure and sexual function support for those with musculoskeletal difficulties(after stroke, spine injuries, chronic pain, amputations etc), sexual function challenges (anorgasmia, painful intercourse, libido discordance in couples etc) and general desire to improve a sex life.

At UThingo we know that everyone deserves to have the sex that they want—even if that means no sex at all—and we value this as an integral part of your ability to experience well-being and health. You can expect to have your pronouns respected, your identity and expression not questioned and your happiness pursued consistently.

Let’s revitalize healthcare together.
I can’t wait to meet you!

*uthingo is owned and run by Dr. Thandokuhle S. Mngqibisa - a cis gender queer black woman


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